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  Calculator Basics- Notes Videos-Related to the notes Practice problems Provided by TI
   (1a) How do I find..?

(1b) Notation Keys
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(1c) TI-BASiCS

(1d) Real number operations
(2) How do I change the window? What is Table?

(3) Graphing a Function and Special Graphs


(1a) How do I find?

(1d) Real number operations


(2)How do I change..?

(3) How to graph a line
and more Video

(4) Graphing Functions.

  Getting Started Videos


  (4) Finding the x-intercept, y-intercept, minimum and maximum
(4)Finding Intercepts-
Line Video
Calculator Exercises 1
  Finding the x and y-intercepts and minimum or maximum. Finding the minimum or maximum.

Min Parabola
Using Calc video


Student problem minimum and maximum for cubic
  (5) Domain and Range Domain and Range Domain and range
using the calculator

      More Domain and Range, Intercepts, Min and MAX
  (6) Graphing with roots higher than 2
  (7) Solve Quadratic Inequalities
Solve Quadratic Inequalities  
  (8) Solving Absolute Value

Solve Absolute Value Inequalities  
  (9) Systems of Equations
  (10)Solving Rational Inequalities
Solving Rational Inequalities  
  (11) Systems of Equations
  (12) Square Root
Inequality in Rational Expression

Square root Inequality in Rational expression  
  (13) Data entry
  (14) Average rate of change for Data
  (15) Entering a Matrix and using the matrix method for solving a system of equations.
  (16) Graphing Basic Trig Functions Trig functions on the TI 84