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A.  Information
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1. Book assignment
2. Assignments by day
3. Projects
4. Syllabus
5. Online students must complete the following:

B.  Notes,  Reviews, Sample
     Tests   and Quizzes

and some worked problems from
      the book. Click here to find these.

C.  Comprehensive and 
      Detailed Assignments 
      Step by Step

Testing Center Information

D.  Required Text

Required is the MML form which is completely
online. THe student may wish to purchase the hard copy of it as well:

Beginning and Intermediate Algebra, 4nd Ed.
by Lial & Hornsby
Suggested purchases-especially online students:   Student's Solutions Manual

         Student's Study Guide and Journal
(contains practice problems and tests)
         Videotapes and CD ROMS of the

A TI-83/4 graphing calculator or a
scientific calculator is required.

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F.  General College Information

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